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the right to demonstrate

Debate: 29 Proposition: The way of protesting is unpatriotic and has no place in the football stadium. The debate in the assignment we were given is whether or not the football players who protested the treatment of African American men and women by police violence and racism, where wrong to do so. The arguments from the side who didn’t like the protesting is that they meant it was disrespectful to demonstrate the national anthem, and by doing so they were disrespecting the people who had fought and died for their country, and the people who are still serving their country overseas in the military. There were many who wanted the players who kneeled under the national anthem to get some kind of consequences for their actions. One of these people were President Donald Trump who made his remarks by going to Twitter and expressed his opinion. Here he makes his remarks very clear and says that instead of protesting, the players should “Be happy, be cool” and argues that the players are making a fortune doing what they love to do. I can agree that the players can try to see how lucky they have it by making millions of dollars by playing the sport they love to play, and I can see where the others come from when they say that it is disrespectful to use the opportunity under the national anthem to protest something, when that time is meant to be used to praise their boys overseas. On the other hand, in the constitution. There is something that is called the freedom of speech and the right to protest. Therefore, I agree with the players like Colin Kaepernick who “stood” for something by kneeling during the national anthem. He knew the consequences this act could lead to, but he was true to his cause. He was protesting the violence, racism, discrimination, and prejudice which is affecting many black people in the united states. By protesting during the national anthem, he and many others took the spotlight and caused a debate. By doing so, he shined a light on the problems in the police and legal system. Criticizing the way black people in America are treated. All taught he got a lot of criticism for taking a knee, he also got a lot of support, not only from other players but also from big names like “NIKE” who made him a spokesman for his cause. This caused outrage from some people who meant that the way he was protesting was unpatriotic, and they were boycotting Nike while burning sox, shoes, t-shirts and other Nike merchandise. So do I think the way of protesting was an unpatriotic way of doing it? No, in my opinion, I think the way they were protesting is more patriotic than the people saying it’s not. By using their right to say, do and write what they want in a peaceful manner, I think they are doing exactly what an American should be doing. Standing up for what you believe in.


a) the foundation was created after the killing of Trayvon Martin. The main goal of the foundation is to encourage empathy for black communities and to work towards policy changes that make everyone safer

b) they use different kind of campaigns where they interrupt and spread their message. In 2015 black lives matter activists stormed the stage under Bernie Sanders speech

c) BLM has been criticized for taking see no evil approach to violence and extremism within and surrounding its ranks. They have been criticized for violent acts against police

e) There are many similarities and differences between the two movements in terms of strategies, political influence, and response by government and media. They have both shared similar strategies such as marches, protests, and boycotts. However, the difference in technology required the civil rights movement to rely on much more in-person meetings. Both of the movements were able to gather enough public support to influence politicians a reform policy. The goals of the two foundations are different. Civil Rights movement aimed to end segregation laws, whereas BLM attempt to reform the structural system.

13th amendment

So today we watched the 13th amendment in class. I think the movie gave a great insight into how it was being black back in the days. I have kind of always had brief knowledge about racism back in the days, but I think the movie showed a lot about how extreme it actually was. The extreme racism was something that I was not aware of. I think it is kind of crazy to see the impact it had on people, and it kind of makes you realise how lucky we are to be living in such save environment. I also found how much power the government and media had, describing almost every African American as a super criminals.


This documentary impacted me in a couple of ways, most by seeing the way media and the government go against black people, also seeing how relevant racism still is in the world today. What I probably remembered the most about the 13th amendment was when this kid was killed by a policeman just because the thought he looked suspicious. I definitely don’t think that if it was a white kid, the outcome would have been the same. It seems kind of unfair having the right to just shoot someone with out any consequences just because you’re a police officer.


I really liked this movie and I think it shows very briefly and detailed how things work in the U.S. I think people will get a lot of information which they might not have known. At least I can say that I learned a lot of things from this movie which I had no clue about.

The Saudi murderer

According to CNN and BBC

On Thursday the 15th of November the Saudi prosecutor said they will seek the death penalty for the five individuals that were directly involved with the murder of journalists Jamal Khashoggi.

There where allegedly 11 people charged, according to the Saudi Public Prosecutors. While adding the five people facing capital punishment were directly involved in «ordering and executing the crime. There were also shared details of the murder, were allegedly Khashoggi was killed during a “fight and a quarrel” at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. According to the prosecutor he was tied up and injected with an overdose of a sedative that killed him, following the body was chopped up and to a local collaborator.

These details come after The New York Times reported that people familiar with the audio recording say it contains an instruction to “tell your boss.” American intelligence officials believe is a reference to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince.

There different opinions of how the journalist was killed, and by the continuation of shifting stories from the Saudis, it is insinuating that the Saudis are tampering with the story and changing it as they go. Turkey has claimed for weeks to have audio evidence that exposes how the Saudi journalist was killed on October 2 while visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain papers for his upcoming marriage. Even though CNN has not heard the recording and is unable to verify the voices on the tape or what they`re purported to say.

Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist that covered a lot of major stories. For example the Soviet, invasion of Afghanistan. He also covered Osama Bin Laden for the Saudi Arabian news. He has also served as an adviser for the Saudi Arabian royal family and the government. He eventually fell out of favor when he criticized the policies of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The Turkish media has suspected that at least 15 men were involved in the disappearance. They all arrived there hours before Khashoggi, using two private jets. Khashoggi had traveled to collect some routine paperwork. the authorities in Saudi Arabia have denied, involvement in the case. The men suspected have all been identified by the media. The men suspected in the case are all said to be Saudi Arabian.

After Saudi Arabia admitted that Khashoggi was killed in its Istanbul consulate, five high ranking officials were dismissed, including the media chief and deputy head of the Saudi Intelligence service.

Sustainable development global goals

in this post i am going to be taking a closer look into the UN sustainable development global goals, and go over the different values and there importance. All the goals that UN are working to achieve are of course all very important, but if i had to choose one global goal, zero hunger would probably be my pick.

One of the reason i think zero hunger is the most important global goal to achieve, is because i think food is what gets you through the day, and getting enough food gives you energy which you during the day. You also need food to survive and to prevent getting different diseases. So in my opinion zero hunger is the most important.

so how can we achieve the goal zero hunger? if this was an easy question there would not be something called zero hunger, so this a problem we have not solved. The reason why i think this is such a hard problem to solve, is because of the amount of people who live on this planet. Even though there is probably always going to be hunger in the world, there are few things we can do to reduce the amount of people struggling to get enough food. For example the amount of food we throw away is probably something we could have used to reduce hunger.