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Sustainable development global goals

in this post i am going to be taking a closer look into the UN sustainable development global goals, and go over the different values and there importance. All the goals that UN are working to achieve are of course all very important, but if i had to choose one global goal, zero hunger would probably be my pick.

One of the reason i think zero hunger is the most important global goal to achieve, is because i think food is what gets you through the day, and getting enough food gives you energy which you during the day. You also need food to survive and to prevent getting different diseases. So in my opinion zero hunger is the most important.

so how can we achieve the goal zero hunger? if this was an easy question there would not be something called zero hunger, so this a problem we have not solved. The reason why i think this is such a hard problem to solve, is because of the amount of people who live on this planet. Even though there is probably always going to be hunger in the world, there are few things we can do to reduce the amount of people struggling to get enough food. For example the amount of food we throw away is probably something we could have used to reduce hunger.